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    QEP DAY!
    by Jason Ford - Monday, October 22, 2018, 11:09 AM

    QEP Day Flier

    Join us for a righteous and radical event that's totally tubular!

    Learn more about the college's QEP and participate in fun games with 80s photos of your favorite faculty and staff!!

    FREE FOOD!!!

    HCC - OCTOBER 23 12-2pm, Student Center

    TCC - OCTOBER 24, 12-2pm, Student Center

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    80s Haunted Homecoming
    by Jason Ford - Monday, October 22, 2018, 10:36 AM

    80s style text reading the 80s Haunted homecoming

    OCTOBER 24, 7:00pm
    Student Center, Killian Building
    Henderson County Campus

    Free of charge for all faculty and staff. All we ask is that you bring one or two nonperishable items to donate to the food pantry effort.

    It’s 2018 and six former classmates--the Princess, the Cheerleader, the Jock, the Geek, the Basketcase, and the Burnout--have been called mysteriously back to the rubble of their old high school where on that same night 30 years before they had gathered for the homecoming dance of the ages. But who called them there and why? And what really happened that night 30 years ago? And the big question--Why does that geek keep talking about something called the QEP?

    They all think they know, and they are all DEAD wrong--Ha! Ha! Ha!