Moodle & Webmail Setup

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Welcome New and Returning Moodle Students!

Note to Returning  Students: If you attended BRCC in the past two years, you will use your existing password if you set it up for Moodle.  Otherwise, please follow the directions below.

Things you will need first if you are a first time Moodle user!
First time users need their Blue Ridge Username and Student ID number. 
If you do not know these, please go to the Blue Ridge home page at
click on Academics, Distance Learning and then Tutorials for Distance Learners for directions on how to look these up.

Step 1
Login to Moodle here

First time login link

 password reset page


When you have your correct Username and Student ID, click on the Moodle icon at the top of the Blue Ridge home page and click Log in at the top right of the Moodle home page.

On the right side of the page you will see a “Is this your first time here?” message. Click on the link for the next step.

On the Blue Ridge Password Reset page, under Returning to this web site? login with
your username and your temporary password which will be your student ID (minus any leading zero's) and your birth date in the format: MMDDYYYY


  • Your Student ID is 0123456 (7 digits) and your Birthdate is 01/18/1972
  • Your Moodle temporary password will be 12345601181972 (with no leading zero's from your student ID)


Step 2 Change password Once you successfully login, follow the on screen instructions to change your password. Your new password should be 8 characters long and contain at least two numbers and two lowercase letters. Click Save changes when you are done.
Step 3 Password changed - Continue When your password change is successful, click "Continue" and then you will need to go back to the BRCC Moodle site at and login again using your changed password. Be sure to click the blue login button (top right) and use the boxes on the left of the following page.

Step 4 Edit profile
Now is a good time to edit your Profile settings! In the Administration block, under My profile settings, click Edit profile and Expand all (on top the right).
Step 5 Profile - adjust forum settings Be sure to adjust your Profile settings if you wish to receive notifications of forum posts where you have participated (subscription). 
Step 6 Add Poto Type a brief description and add a photo (click the +) if you like, other students appreciate getting to know you!

Step 7 Add Interests and Update

Add any interests that you would like to share, separated by commas.

We do not advise including personal contact information (phone numbers, etc.) to protect your privacy.

When you "Update" your profile, you will return to your "My home" page.

Step 8  Webmail link in MoodleStudent Webmail link Website


After you have successfully updated your Moodle password, wait approximately 10 minutes before trying to login to your student e-mail account. You can access your student email account from the top navigation bar on the Moodle page, and also at the green envelope icon at the top of the BRCC main webpage.

Step 9

Webmail Login Screen

Webmail agreement

If you are a returning student, Google has changed the web page you use to login to your account. The new login page will require you to enter your full e-mail address and not just your username. Enter the same username and password you just used to login to Moodle.

BRCC student e-mail is a part of "Google Apps for Education". Read the terms of service, type the characters in the box and click to accept the terms and connect your account.

Note: If you are a returning student, all of the data within your webmail e-mail account will still be there.
Once you have completed this process, you will use the same username and password to log in to:
  • Moodle
  • Webmail
  • Papercut (on campus printing)
NOTE: Your WebAdvisor password will not automatically stay synchronized with your Moodle password (and will likely be different).
All students who registered early should have received a letter with your login credentials. However, if you do not know your BRCC student e-mail username and your Colleague Student ID number, go to: and follow the directions to obtain your username and ID number.)

Thank you and we wish you great success!

Last modified: Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 10:30 AM