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Welcome New and Returning Moodle Students!


You must have a valid email address on file with the Registrar's Office to proceed with account setup!
New Students: If you have already logged into WebAdvisor and set a new password there, you can now use your newly set password to log in to Moodle, WebMail, Papercut, and myBlueRidge. Returning students: Use the same username and password you previously used.

Access Your Online Courses

To begin, set up your student account in WebAdvisor icon WebAdvisor

1. Go to the BRCC homepage at

2. Look in the upper left corner and select the “WA” button WebAdvisor icon

3. Once at the WebAdvisor home page, go to the bottom right and click “I’m new to BRCC”
I'm New to BRCC screen capture

4. The next page previews to you the four step process: click “OK”

New to BRCC Follow these four steps screen capture

5. Type in your last name AND either your social security number or student ID

  • The social security number does not require dashes or spaces

6. The next screen will provide you with your username - be sure to write it down!

  • If there are numbers at the end of the username, these are required as well

7. Beneath the username is a drop-down box to select your personal email

  • Select the email you wish to receive your temporary password at and hit “Submit”
  • If no personal email is showing, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office (828-694-1811) and submit your email address in writing with an attached signature

8. After hitting submit, please check your personal email account for the temporary password from “Datatel” - be sure to “copy” the password

  • If the email is not received in your inbox within approximately five to 10 minutes, check your Junk or Spam mail folders

9. Once the password is retrieved, you may then click “Log In” from the WebAdvisor home page

10. Enter your username and paste your temporary password

11. Once you are logged in

  • Click Change Password
  • Re-enter your username and re-paste your temporary password
  • Your unique password must contain no less than nine characters and must contain:

  • 1 capital letter (eg., A, B, C, D...)
  • 1 lower case letter (eg., a, b, c, d...)
  • 1 number (eg., 1, 2, 3, 4...)
  • and 1 punctuation symbol (eg., !, ", #, $, %, &...)
  • The password hint helps you to remember your password in the future

12. After submitting your information, you will be relocated to the WebAdvisor home page, and it should say “Welcome (Your Name)”

Next, log in Moodle and Webmail  accounts.

  •  Your username and password is the same that you set up in WebAdvisor.

Note: You will not see your courses listed until the first scheduled day of classes.

After you log in to Moodle, wait 15 minutes before clicking the Student Webmail link at the top of the Moodle page.

  • Log in using your username + and the new Moodle password that you created in WebAdvisor.
  • All email from the college and from your classes will come to your Webmail address.

Last modified: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 8:33 AM